Monday, 22 January 2018

Slackoni's Fundraiser for Horse Riding Therapy

Hubby volunteers with this group, and we felt we should support the fundraiser.

Once arrived, we were placed beside the fire. That was perfect as JB is ALWAYS cold!
We were on very tall chairs, and a high table. It was a bit scary, but meant we could see the entertainer more easily.

George Turcotte was playing for the evening. He was great. Hubby had a virgin caesar.

There was a silent auction, I love those!

JB spoke to Maria, who has run the riding therapy for 30 years, The Lanark County Therapeutic Riding Program.

There were some speeches, as well as an auction for Senators hockey tickets, and overnight in the hotel. We don't watch hockey, and we live 7 minutes down the road, so that would have been silly!

Hubby had a nice warm  pot of tea to warm his hands!

Someone was bidding against me on the auction. Even before the 'winners' were announced she took her spoils off the table, opened them up, and inspected them. I like those bowls and the large salt and pepper shakers!

Hubby ended up with the horse and the bookends!

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Play time

Saturday's Critters #214 Heaven knows we have critters.
THursday night, we were all watching tennis! This is unusual, two cats in his lap!
 Friday morning, there were three deer sleeping in the yard.

I was working out in the basement. Hooper was playing. He's ripped apart the paper towel roll, then played tent. The tent is made of crinkly wall paper of Sesame Street!
I've had to use duct tape to put it back together. He just loves it, as does Daisy.

Annie and Hooper continue to enjoy the boot box. I love my new boots!

Then, Hooper tried to sneak up on Daisy. This went pretty well. He's making her take approximations of the right behaviour, real play. I have high hopes!
I hope you are impressed with this video. I was taking it over my head, backwards!
Daisy & Hooper from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

The boot box just keeps on giving. Is there anything  more perfect than sitting in a box, in the sunshine?!

Breakfast. Kitten food on the right, diet food on the left. They always switch. Then Hooper muscles back in.

Butch has been busy.
Goofball! JB spotted him on the railing, and there were tracks all around the deck.

I accidentally left the garage door open Thursday night. Butch raccoon figured out there was seed in there. We went out for dinner Friday night, and he was back. Instead of taking off, he went back under the workbench. I had to encourage him to get out before we left for the dinner.

Butch awakes from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

I put the trailcam in the wrong place. There were coyote tracks all along the path down to the meadow.

Daisy is much better, and we went for a walk in the balmy temperatures. It was 10 C. and everything was melting.

walkies from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

My daughter took a trip...

My daughter is amazing. She's grown into a fearless woman. I was painfully shy much of my early  adult life. As a child, I was afraid to answer a question in school. It wasn't until university that I had any confidence.
Caitlin has her M.Sc., and a great job as a hydrogeologist. My kids are all in their 30s, she is my eldest, and I don't know where the time has gone!

Caitlin left for Vancouver – YVR (3350 km west of Ottawa –YOW). Then, went from there YVR => Taipei –TPE (9603 km – further west). I tracked her on She left on Thursday, January 10th and arrived back in YVR Saturday, then home to YOW on Sunday.
West, across the ocean, then she came back, visiting her brother and family in Vancouver, about 13,000 km.

She made it! Her smart phone has an amazing camera.

She visited several temples. She had tea and soup.

What a whirlwind trip!
This is YVR.

She took two 'buddies' - one belonging to each of her girls. Yoo Hoo and Topsy.

Caitlin went up Taipei 101 tower. This is an interesting spot.

What a view. She also went up the Maokong Gondola.

Caitlin posted all of her photos on iPhoto, and the family, including extended family, were able to view them as she uploaded them. I've taken her photos, and created a book for her. It should arrive next week. I do this every time they take a trip, and this family does travel. They have a map on their dining room wall, with all the places they've visited flagged with a date.

Caitlin was back in YUL, for the 20-min. flight back to YOW. It was 10:30 and the restaurants were closed! Still, Pepper the robot turned up. One family eschewed said robot. Tired travelers, perhaps! It might have been a bit bizarre, though, with young kids.

Caitlin arrived back home a week ago. She is fighting flu this week, no fun. I'm happy she is home and safe!
Installs Pepper The Robot At North American Airport Restaurants
Airport Revenue News 653 × 408Search by image
HMSHost Installs Pepper The Robot At North American Airport Restaurants
Pepper has also been installed at the Washington Redskins Burgundy & Gold Club in Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) and at Point the Way CafĂ© in Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Friday, 19 January 2018

New boots!

How many pairs of boots do you have?! I started counting and was quite embarrassed.

 I had four pairs. Two dress pairs, with heels, that are becoming increasingly uncomfortable as I age. A tall pair to wear with dresses, which need an insert. I haven't worn them all year.  The last pair I use when I snowshoe, or muck about elsewhere. This last pair has a hole. These old (going into town) boots have a hole where the seams had ripped. I use hubby's duck boots on the back deck. (P.S. Tree frog was singing, again, this morning. We're going to have to shop for some bugs.)

We have different terrain on our property, and it calls for different boots. I have another big gum boot, lined, for wetland walkies.  You can see hubby with HIS gum boots in the wetland. He got a soaker, as did I, that day! [Talking a walk in (not 'on') the watery bog] I have snowmobile boots, but they were hurting my Achilles tendon.

Hubby has offered to go into town shopping, but I loathe shopping. Especially up to Christmas!
This is a simple tale. Out buying suet for the birds, I was quite excited to find some boots, on sale at 40% off. I tend to wait until serendipity strikes. And it did!
They are amazing.  These are warm down to -30 C., which is nothing to sneeze at around here. They were $160, but I'll get so much use out of them!

They have these little doohickeys you can flip down with their key, or your normal key, which gives studs for traction.  They are really great: made overseas. With our freezing rain, and slippery sidewalks, they are going to be amazing!

Of course, the bonus? A big boot box for the cats! Hooper kept putting his paw through the hole in the end of the box... what a joker.

End of tale!