Wednesday, 25 April 2018

The Almonte Hydro Dam

We visited the Almonte dam, the refurbishments are coming along. You can see the development through my page here. I've watched it for years, they began working on the notion of the project in 2012. There was some controversy, Almonte Hydro Dam Progress.

They are making progress. The stone building was a mill, now they are condos. The adjacent, 2-story part are more condos. The building on the far left, I'm not sure about!

What I noticed is that the bridge is falling apart. They have reinforced it on the side where the water hits. The bridge is closed to foot traffic, although people sneak around it, I think.

The redevelopment would increase the amount of power generated in downtown Almonte from 350 kilowatts at the current site to 995 kilowatts. There would be a new powerhouse containing two turbines and a type of dam that allows water to pass overtop.

It makes sense to harness the power of the water, despite the numerous protests! ISn't it powerful?

There was flooding one year. Flooding in Almonte Hydro Dam 2014,

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

And finally, some outdoor work

The weather has finally turned. It was on Sunday.

Hooper helped me transplant a flower into a new pot. It was a gift! The pot, not the flower!

Down at the pond April 22nd, a muskrat. I didn't see him/her Monday. We shall see what happens. They were back April 3rd, in 2016 (Guess who had six babies!, but didn't nest here last year. They created some push-ups, but didn't stay.

Sunday, April 22nd, 2018, we'll see if s/he hangs around!

The cats have been so happy, released from the house, walled in by snow. JB walked Annabelle down in the meadow. He took her to the climbing tree, the one that fell. It's a favourite of hers.

The wood ducks are back, here on the trailcam camera. It was -1 C. early in the morning.

I took down the old flag, and replaced it. It is heavy, and a bit tricky to do. It pivots on a bolt, there are three total. I have to take two out and then slowly lower it to the ground.

Next project, restarting the goldfish pond pump. Daisy helped. I took off my jacket, and was in a t-shirt. AMAZING!!!

JB's water fountain needs work. I uncovered it. There were helpers. I'm going to have to get Hansen's Garden Ornaments peeps to help repair it. I busted my bird bath, as well. That will have to be replaced.

This song sparrow, a regular pair, have been looking for bugs in the lattice work. If you watch to the end, you can see how happy Hooper is in the fountain!
Song sparrow from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Of course, the geese! How iconic.
Geese from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Hooper was more fascinated by the bugs, the deer fascinated with him. They are quite curious about the cats. They've been careful, not hostile. Cats don't look like coyotes, and deer come into contact with the raccoons, and rabbits. You can see Daisy, between me and the tree.

Hooper & Deer friend from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Do you like online auctions?

I do. They give me ideas, at least. This one came up for sale. Sadly, I didn't win the auction. I went to bed early. I haven't been to an auction in ages. I thought this a perfect piece!

I had a whim about replacing a cupboard, you see. This piece was built by the previous owner of the house. I want some storage, however. The space is about 35" x 35".
 I thought about replacing the above shelving, with my bedside table. This space is 40", but that means finding a new table for the bedroom.

Off we went. First stop Smiths Falls.

Next, we went to this spot. Two guys walked in. "Oooh," said one. "I love that old smell. These are antiques."
The other guy said, "Yeah, the smell of mold!"
The clerk at the cash registered indignation. The funny thing was, when the dude passed me, all I could smell was cigarette smoke!

I like looking at antiques. They speak of a difference time.

A washstand might be the thing, but I'm not sure!

OK, next destination, off to Franktown. There are two antique shops there. Here are the photos from the first one. We wiped our shoes, it was a dry day. She watched JB walk in and asked if he had wiped his shoes. It was insulting. We will never go back.

The signage was horrid. "Don't touch this,"
"Ask for help if you want to open this."
It was creepy. As another couple passed us as we left, I said, "Make sure you wipe your feet. Mom is in there!"
It was crowded, as well. Just too many pieces.

Next stop, we pulled in the back parking for Revival. Two cars were there. Walked around to the front. The signage said they were open Sat. 10 - 4:00. Door locked, we walked out to the back. Someone was emptying her car. She said that the owners weren't back yet. It'll open next week.

It is an old church, converted to an antique store.

Next stop was Carleton Place. We looked through another store. I spotted this same table!

This place was only open on Wednesdays! This was Balderson.

Now, I have to rethink the project! Weigh my options...

Sunday, 22 April 2018


Just before we were leaving for a bit of furniture hunting (more on that later), we spotted the osprey flying overhead with a fish! We went down to the nest, but it was hunkered down eating. I've snatched a photo of them feeding, I love how they know to hold the fish so it is perpendicular to their body!

Amazing day:

wood frogs in the frog pond, teeny mosquito larvae swimming happily, bullfrog tadpoles (which remain as tadpoles for two years–unlike other frogs), spring peepers at night, phoebe singing this morning!

Wood frogs & tadpoles from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Spring Peepers from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Spring and the Osprey

The trailcam has been interesting. Thursday, Butch raccoon walked on water, with new stems of bulrushes poking up. The next day, Friday, the pond is half thawed.

I have bleeding heart plants beginning to grow, as well as tulips.

The tulips, covered in snow, are valiant! First photo, April 20, 10:30 a.m., the second, 4 p.m. It is melting!

My newest bulbs, down by the gate,  are poking up through the snow. Don't they look brave?! We can all be brave, as we eagerly anticipate spring here in south east Ontario.

Saturday's Critters #227
They have been back a week. Sadly, the lakes are still pretty cold, and frozen in bays. It's been -3 C. nights. We are hoping, finally, to have 10 C. temperatures today, and to lose our snow. For this reason, I celebrate our osprey! These are archived photos.

This osprey was on our front yard, hunting for snakes, I presume. Yes, that's a post-poop stance!